10/18/07: Grant Morrison, Brian Michael Bendis, and Good Writing

Angels in Spaceships!  Law and Order: Spider-man style! Praise for Aquaman!  In this, our twelfth podcast, the panelists get together to talk writers.  We chat about Grant Morrison. We converse about Brian Michael Bendis.  We gossip about what make good comic writing.  So come and listen.  Also, the mysteries of Scip’s laugh revealed!

10/04/07: Iron Fist, Blue Beetle and Retroactive Continuity

Brooklyn head butts! Scip and Devon talk about crying! Poor little rich boys! In this, our eleventh podcast, the panelists talk about what is being done right in comics. That’s right, we do not only complain. So listen to hear us talk Iron Fist, Blue Beetle and the Retcon. Sugar is sweet – except when it’s not

09/14/07: One More Day, DC Soap Opera, and 90’s Comics

Guest Panelists! Wacky Hi-jinx! In this our tenth podcast, the panelists talk about Spider-Man plugging along, the soap opera-zation (made up word) of the DC and what we learned from 90’s comics. Come and listen to how we get from Meatloaf (the singer) to The Circle of Life (the song) in fifteen minutes. Para-dig this!

08/30/07: Teen Titans, Geek Culture, Comic Adaptations

The Loss of DC Teen Innocence! Scip recommends the Green Arrow! Then it rains frogs and we all get boils! O.k. that last one was a lie. In this ninth Big Monkey Podcast, the panelists talk the history of the Teen Titans, the growth of geek culture in America, and comic adaptations. Find out what television show Devon would turn into a comic book, here’s a hint, “In this month’s very special comic…” Some come and listen, you’ll diggle it.

8/16/2007: Jack Kirby, Jack Kirby and Mike Wieringo

Black Manta gets a pet! Big Barda gets complimented on her fashion! Ben gets accused of Un-American beliefs! In our eighth Big Monkey Podcast, our heroes talk about Jack Kirby’s legacy at both DC and Marvel and the sad passing of comic creator Mike Wieringo. Do not miss the most dramatic of dramatic readings and a Lightning Round that will not soon be forgotten.

8/2/2007: DC Miniseries, World War Hulk, and San Diego Comic Con

In our seventh Big Monkey Podcast, our heroes discuss the proliferation of DC mini-series, explain the Marvel Universe in under 20 seconds while talking like the Hulk, and talk about their dates to nerd prom. Special features for this week include still more mocking of Ben’s love of girl comics, and a very special message from Officers Garling and Sanders of the Metropolis P.D.

7/26/2007: Black Canary, Mike Carey Interview, and New Readers

Big Monkey Podcast #6, now with an actual girl on our panel. Hear a woman take on fishnets and kung fu — two great tastes that taste great together! Thrill to an interview with comics superstar Mike Carey! And hear us solve the problem of introducing new readers to comics once and for all. All this, with recommendations, the lightning round, and our famous dramatic readings!

7/19/2007: Green Arrow, Skrulls, and Indie Comics

This week, in Big Monkey Podcast #5: Green Arrow! The Skrull Invasion! Indie Comics! Also, Scip calls something Marvel-related the best thing since sliced bread, Jon Carey describes our wardrobes while simultaneously insulting half the Internet, Jon Brooks expresses his love of a Canadian slacker, and Devon is still single.

6/20/2007: The Legion of Superheroes, The X-Men, Heroclix

Big angsty teams, by both DC and Marvel! Heroclix! Devon looking for love! Ben admitting his love of girl comics! All this, dramatic readings, recommendations, our ever-present lightning round, and a comic book writing superstar visiting the store? What else could it be, but Big Monkey Podcast #3!

6/8/2007: DC’s Countdown, Marvel’s Ultimates Line, All-Ages Comics

Faster than Blackhawk can seduce your girlfriend, more powerful than Frank Miller’s whiskey, able to switch topics in a single tangent! Look! Out on the Internet! It’s Big Monkey Podcast Number Two! On the docket this week: DC’s Countdown, Marvel’s Ultimates line, and the decline of all-ages comics (with a special guest appearance by the rolling head of Pantha). Adventure! Excitement! Comics! All in this week’s BIG MONKEY PODCAST.